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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm worried...

I'm concerned. I think I might actually be starting to like going to Walmart. Is it because I can get out of the house for more than an hour if I got to Walmart? Or is it because I know I will find something there to entertain me or blog about?

But, last night, I made a trip there. Good ol' faithful Walmart. I really wanted to purchase a new waffle iron. I got a great one 2 years ago for Christmas but 2 of our boys, who shall remain nameless, found it in the cabinet and launched it down the stairs, thus rendering it useless. I love waffles and this cold, crappy weather makes me want to make some. Anyways, I had dang near made it through the entire store without any incidents to write about. But, my cashier came through.

Cashier after he scans my waffle iron: "I see you are going to put this waffle iron to use right away."
Me: I stand confused for a minute, scanning my groceries wondering if I picked up a box of pancake/waffle mix. I see nothing. "Ok, so what makes you think I'll be fixing waffles soon?"
Cashier: "Well, you're buying that huge box of Eggo waffles!"
Me: Silence for about 15 seconds hoping this poor guy will start laughing so I don't have to go home and blog about him. He doesn't. "Yes, I guess that'd be one way to heat up pre-made waffles."

America's finest, I tell ya!


The Browning's Blog said...

I haven't laughed that hard in a while! I hope you keep shopping there (and blogging about it).

p.s. still laughing

Cricketchirp said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!! THAT IS FUNNY! Wow, seriously!?!?! *sigh* Were you in Park C? BWAAAAAAHAHHAAHHAAHA!