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Monday, February 15, 2010

Luke's on table food

What can I say, he is advanced! Today, Luke had his first goldfish cracker. Not because he picked it up and ate it (because that would indicate that I have poor housekeeping skills and leave food on the floor which NEVER happens here), but because his um, er, well, sweet and darling brothers shoved one in his mouth. That was 4 hours ago and he's still alive. Seriously, how bad can it be? Wait a sec, don't answer that. Luke, I love you to pieces and I am sorry, so very sorry for the things you are about to endure with twin ornery older brothers.

On another note, Luke is a full-fledged roller. He is mighty quick on getting from his back to his tummy. I just want to bawl. He is a-changin' way too fast for my liking.

Arica, if you are reading this, I totally get it now why you told me to knock 'em down when they start standing/pulling-up too early. I thought you were crazy (I still do a little but not for this reason alone) when you told me that years ago, but I GET IT!! Love ya!

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