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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Scares me just a little...

For the first time since the twins were babes, we've started bringing them back into church with us. Usually, they just go the nursery. But, we've been attending a great church here that is super inviting for kids. The boys do very well, actually, sitting through 15-20 minutes of opening singing, announcements, prayers. But, I am quickly realizing that the boys have a LOT to tell other people, especially Isaac. And, especially when he has a captive audience. I love them going up for the children's sermon but I try not to visibly cringe when they raise their hand to speak. **Sidenote: At least they are raising their hand 60% of the time now before blurting out.**

Today, the boys go right up and plop themselves right up front. Here comes the woman doing the little sermon. Isaac, who has very little volume control, blurts out, "HI I'M ISAAC." She takes it in stride. She begins speaking about this being Palm Sunday. She asks if anyone knows why we call it this. Only my two boys raise their hands. I think, Please dear Lord, let her call on Jorden b/c at least he still doesn't speak super clearly. She calls on Isaac. He tells her how much he loves his toys. She tells him yes, Jesus loves his toys and then begins telling the story again.

She gets to the part where Jesus rides in on a donkey and asks if anyone in the congregation has ridden a donkey. Before she can finish he question, Isaac YELLS, "well YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-HAWWWWWWWWWWW!" Everyone laughs hysterically. One woman graciously told me later, "well, that little sweetheart sure is an active participant, isn't he?" I am thinking this is only beginning...

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The Lundgrens said...

Oh my lands....that is hilarious! What great stories you have to tell them when they're older. :)