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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'd post a pic...

but, that sweet baby boy of mine helped destroy a brand-spanking new camera with a glass of water. Although, there might be hope. It's been in a bag of rice for a week and today it actually started to click on and said I needed a new battery. So, dear sister of mine is sending one my way. One can only hope!!! On the downhill slide of the three weeks from hell travel schedule Jereme has!

Just a couple cute things the boys have said.

Isaac: Momma, when you get old like my daddy, then maybe you want to drink coffee but right now, you are young and daddy is old. (LOVE THAT BOY)

Jorden: Momma, thank you so much for taking us to the sprint car (midget) races tonight. Thank you for letting us have so much fun and such a great day. (MELT MY HEART)

The little boys are such talkers. Non-stop. And, if you aren't listening to Isaac, he will put both hands on your face, turn your head towards him and MAKE you listen to him. And, if you want to hear the sweetest sound ever from them, ask them to sing "Jesus loves me". Gotta get that on video. I pray that their little voices singing is forever etched in my memory.


Miranda's Minutes said...

You're kids are adorable! Hope that you are surviving! Super cute blog!

~Your neighbor across the street

Cricketchirp said...

I am totally laughing at the daddy is old comment. LOL And how cute on the sweet comments about having fun! Love the new pics too! Our nephews are growing up too fast!!!