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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tough kid...

That Isaac, he is one tough cookie. Seems like he has been fighting a cold for a month. Wait, it has been a month. Ok, so he got a cold a month ago and then it snowballed into this asthma flare-up that resulted in a scary moment last night. Took him to our pedi today. He also has nasty ear infections in both ears. Super-duper. I had no idea. The kid never complains about feeling sick.

LITERALLY Jereme has to pry his mouth open at night for me to give him meds b/c he normally sleeps like the dead. You could pick him up, throw him in the air and I guarantee the child would never wake up. And, bless his cotton-picking heart, I WANTED him to sleep with us last night after getting his breathing controlled and he cried b/c "he wanted to sleep in his own bed and not our bed". Love.that.kid.

Soooooooooo, now he is on steroids, antibiotics and breathing treatments 4-5 times per day. And, with Jereme out of town and me still being at Walgreens 45 minutes away at 745 pm with 3 tired kids, I may or may not have backed into some guy's car. No worries, though, the minivan is STILL rocking it out. Long live the FREESTAR, baby!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Tiffany said...

Oh man...boogered up the Freestar? Hope your little man is feeling better today & that hubby is not out of town for an extended period of time!