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Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Night Dinner Date(s)

I love that picture floating around that says, "Woooohooo, it's Friday night!  Oh, wait, never mind I am a parent."  Oh ye, with young children, do you feel it, too?  I love my kids but we can't help in the midst of Friday night chaos drift off in our own thoughts of what pre-children Friday nights were like.  I can say with almost complete certainty I never expected these two conversations to occur while out to eat with the family on Friday night. 

Isaac proudly wore his construction vest tonight to dinner.  We made him put a jacket on because you know it's COLD out but he took it off the moment we hit the door of the restaurant.  Should I mention that he had nothing on under his cotton vest that leaves a half inch of his stomach exposed?  I noticed right away but said nothing.  Who wants to fight with a bull-headed 5-year-old over something like that.  Apparently Jereme did. 

Jereme:  Put your hoodie back on, Isaac. 
Isaac:  No. 
Jereme:  You need to put it back on now. 
Isaac:  Why?  I have on my vest!
Jereme:  You can't wear that in here. 
Isaac:  Why??
Jereme:  Isaac, you can't wear something like in a restaurant!
Isaac (oh yes, I am going to use shouty capital letters b/c if you know Isaac you know he does NOT talk quietly):  LOOK IT'S FINE.  I CAN TOO WEAR THIS BECAUSE MY NIPPLES AREN'T EVEN SHOWING!!!!

Well, how can you argue with that reasoning?  I guess you can't because guess who wore his vest the entire time. 

And, then partway through supper...

Luke:  Daddy, move!
Jereme:  You have enough room, Luke. 
Luke:  Daddy scoot over now!!!  I gotta poop and it's GOING TO BE A REALLY STINKING POOP!!!

You've never seen Jereme move that fast.  And, the people sitting around us were so obviously blessed by our family. 

And, that's the precise moment when I drifted off to my happy spot of dinner and drinks once upon a time...

1 comment:

Clint said...

Just have a few drinks before dinner... at least everything gets funnier.