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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ice Storm!

Pratt was hit with an ice storm. We lost power on and off throughout Monday night. Our power was restored about 715 AM Tuesday. We talked with several friends and their power was out so we invited everyone to head over to our house.

We had a bunch of kids running through the house like crazy-people and the adults all hung out and visited. We made lunch and wouldn't you know it...about 1230 PM, we lost our power, too!!! Thankfully, though, we already had our emergency kit put together with margaritas and snack foods. So, the kiddos were sent to play after lunch and adults had a drink and played some games.

Our power was back up by about 8 pm last night and we were so thankful! We had a great day with our friends. Here are a few pics...don't worry, the boys were home with us, they were napping (even through the chaos) while we snapped a few photos!

Jereme's favorite tree
***By the way, you know the ice storm was bad if Pratt USD 382 canceled school 2 days in a row....that's unheard of for this district!!!!***

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