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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It's Official...

We have sold our house and have set a date for moving. Last night, a great young couple put a contract on our house. We were excited and they are thrilled...very nice people.

Movers for Monsanto called this morning and said by their calculation, it will take 2 days to pack us up and 2 days to load our stuff. WHAT??? I checked to make sure they hadn't gone to my mom's house because I can't imagine what we have to take 4 days to get us loaded up. I scratched my head and thought, geez if it would take 4 days to pack us up, how long would take my parents. But, thankfully, Dad has said that their new home will be it until his "final resting place". Wait a second, though, I AM going to have to go through all that um, "stuff" they have when he does go to his "final resting place"!

Anyways, we are set to be gone from Pratt by 12/30. Jereme didn't think he could top last year's outstanding New Year's Eve celebration. You know, wife pg with twins wants to stay at home, eat, watch a movie and fall asleep by 9 pm. But, not to fear, he will top that this year as Monsanto will be unloading and unpacking us on the 31st. So, you guessed it...we'll be putting things away in our new home on New Year's this year. Free booze for anyone wanting to come help (or keep 2 9-month olds).



By his "final resting place" she means when he moves in with them! She will be good at changing his Depends.

Diane said...

Ok, apparently we have a misunderstanding on what "final resting place" means.

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you four. I know you are happy to be closer to the city of purple. Atleigh was 10 months old when we moved into this house. I moved the playpen from room to room! And good luck with that "final resting place". I am living it right now!!!!!