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Friday, April 25, 2008

Nothing should suprise me anymore...

And, yet, I am still surprised often. Jereme and I called for a special pick-up from the City of ******. The City is very gracious (unlike Pratt) and will pick up extra stuff set around your trash cart. But, we had 4 very nasty twin mattresses to get rid of; I won't name names on how they arrived in our possession. Now, most of you know how incredibly frugal I am but seriously, one of the mattresses looked to have someone bludgeoned to death on it. And, considering Isaac's asthma probs we opted to get rid of them. We also had the basement carpet and padding where we recently had a minor disaster. Normally, we would've salvaged the carpet but it had old water stains on it, etc. So, I called the City and they said they would come and pick all this gross stuff up for $19.15. Heck of a deal, don't you think? So, today is the pick-up day. Jereme put out the killer mattresses, nasty carpet and other misc. junk. Now, you must know it is TRULY junk if I didn't give it away or take it to the D.A.V.

So, I just called and cancel our special pick-up. Why you ask? Because I just watched 2 guys load up ALL our trash into their pickup, strap it down and drive away. Awesome.

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