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Monday, September 15, 2008

Some notes from our house...

I've left my camera 90 miles south of us at a birthday party. I have cute pics to upload as soon as it returns but here are a few things that have happened at our house:

* My friend, Kelli, had an incident (check her blog out on the side...Barker Boys) where her sons got locked in the car. OnStar saved their lives. We, on the other hand, will probably be banned from OnStar if Isaac continues to get in Jereme's truck when we are getting stuff in and out and calling OnStar!!!

* Jereme has taught the boys to look up in the sky for airplanes and to point to them. The result of that endeavor is that the boys do not say "plane" or anything of the such when they point to the sky but instead are chanting "daddy", "daddy", "daddy".

* The boys went 3 full days without baths this past weekend. If you know our boys, they are constantly in the dirt, mud and who knows what else. What can I say we had a busy weekend with the local high school football game, birthday parties and just fun times! They were a touch stinky but still cute as ever!

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