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Sunday, September 7, 2008

This only happens once per year...

Well, so it's official. I must admit I was wrong. This is my one wrong for 2008. Paying what I assumed was an astronomical amount for a babysitter turned out to be worth every single dang penny!!! Not because the boys had a blast and loved being doted on all day long. And, not because they went to bed and right to sleep like little champs for a new person. And, not because it was wonderful to come right home and have our kiddos here without shuffling kids to and from the grandparents. But, because that sweet girl organized the toy room, picked up every piece of children's clothing, cleaned up the bath mess, AND washed/dried all the dinner dishes while cleaning up the kitchen. My house was cleaner than when I left it!!! And, NO, I will not give you her name/number if you live near us. She's OURS!!!!

Oh, and you know what else was worth $100 this weekend? A portable DVD player! Why did we wait this long? We all drove up to a picnic at one of Jereme's clients this afternoon. It was about 1 hour and 45 minutes from our house. The boys only watched a 30-minute movie on the way there and back but it was just perfect. It was right about the time in the drive when they usually freak in their car seats and mommy wonders why it is against the law to have a good, stiff drink in the passenger seat.

The picnic was out on the farm...the boys were the main event as you can imagine in their overalls and with their natural ability to get dirty within 2 minutes of arriving someplace. They ran all over the farm, played in water puddles, fascinated themselves with rock piles and in general, charmed everyone there with smiles, hugs and waves.

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Kelli said...

I am glad it went good with the babysitter. And yes DVD players in the car are worth it. I think they should add it the list of things you should register for when you have a baby! After all what does the American Academy of Pediatricians know anyway? Kids under age 2 (and their parents) need DVD players in the car for survival purposes.