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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

First of many mortifying moments of parenting, I am sure...

I realize that this is just the beginning of numerous times that I will wish a big hole would open up and swallow me. I mean, how could it not? Have you seen the devilish glint in Isaac's eyes? Or the way Jorden so easily puts on his "Mr. Innoncent" face? Yet, I wasn't prepared for it to start today.

The boys were accepted into a Parents' Day Out program here in *****. It takes a long time to wait for 2 spots to become available. We've actually been on the list since Spring. I thought it was a real blessing that the timing coincided with a lot more responsibility upon Jereme's shoulders. I am way behind on my data entry for him, the house looks like a tornado (ok, twinadoes) hit and I needed some time to get this all done. I have to admit, I was pretty nervous about leaving the boys for the first time in a "child-care setting". But, it's a great program and I breezed out of there with a huge to-do list.

I accomplished going to the library, the post office, chatting on the phone with dear friend, Stacia, cleaning the baths, washing and changing all the sheets/mattress pads, sending emails and vacuuming in that short amount of time. Imagine what I could've done if I'd gotten off the internet and phone!

Anyways, I showed up a few minutes early to pick the boys up. I walk in and say, "how did they do?" Well, one lady looks at another. The other says, "well, we had a biting incident." I nod and smile and say, "oh, did they bite each other?". Um, no. Isaac bit another child. TWICE! Two times in that short amount of time AND he left marks. I was mortified. He was grinning at me like he was the best little boy ever. What do you say when the child-care worker says that? I thought about making excuses, but I'm sure they've heard them all.

Oh, and to top it off, he bit the boy whose mom was EXTRA nice and welcoming to me when I nervously brought the boys in this morning. He bit her boy twice. HARD, I might mention. I stuck around till she left so I could apologize. She was gracious, more gracious than I probably would've been.

And, so it begins.

1 comment:

Stacie said...

Don't feel bad, my sister when she was that age bit an attourney's son 4 TIMES while at daycare! My mom was never more scared in her life!! Sounds like the boys keep you running!