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Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend update and DNA

What, you ask, might create this mess and cause Jereme to spend 2 hours holed up in the bathroom???

A lid to shaving cream shoved down the toliet. Any guesses on the culprit? I've only gotten innocent looks and sweet smiles from the one is 'fessing up...

By the way, some things are just in our DNA; you just can't change them.

*Nail-biting. Jorden has been biting his nails as long as I can remember. His dad is a nail-biter. We haven't clipped that kid's nails since he was an infant. Tell me that isn't DNA!

*Today, I was sitting on the floor playing with the boys. Jorden comes up to me with a serious face. He concentrates for a few seconds and rips the loudest fart I've ever heard. He then laughs hysterically and runs away. Seriously, could he possibly be anymore like his father?

It's DNA, I tell you, and it all starts with a tiny little thing called the Y chromosone!

1 comment:

tonya said...

Don't you know it girlfriend!