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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Their father's sons??

It seems that the boys have a new "trick". These days, when the boys are told "no-no" about something, they look at you, grin and pull up their shirts to flash their bellies...they are certain they are SO cute. I can't decide if that comes from Jereme or my father, but I am starting to lean more towards my dad each time it happens.

We decided to kill a few days this week and visit Pratt while Jereme is out of town. I forget so easily that our children are routined, schedule-dominated children. Works out for me 95% of the time, but deviate from it and there will be hell to pay. I loved seeing so many of those sweet friends of ours and I hope they know we really aren't raising the devil's just appeared that way for a few days!

**By the way, this is a shout-out to Jim Bob: Your son takes after his mother...he is sweet, darling and smart...he is already working to be compliant with the woman of the house. Let's see, I predicted it would take Sara 5 years to break you; she's done a heck of a job in what, less than 3 years? What a woman!!!**

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