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Thursday, February 12, 2009

These are the days...

Any mom who stays at home and tells you that it's a joy to spend each and every day at home with her children is a liar. She. Is. A. Liar.

But, in His infinite wisdom, God provides days like these that confirm and continue to convict me on why I am home. The boys have simply been a complete joy today. From waking up as little sweeties, to walking in holding each other's hands to MOPS while my arms were loaded down with food, to playing for 1.5 hours with one another with no fighting, to giggling and talking to each other for 20 minutes before falling asleep at naptime.

But, I also know that the God I serve has a great sense of humor. So, I am prepared for what tomorrow, Friday the 13th, will bring to our household. I'll wake up with my best defensive game plan prepared...

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