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Monday, January 24, 2011

Lord, have mercy...

I am not ready for this.

Tonight, a new neighbor stopped by for a few moments. I've only met *D* a few times as they just recently moved in and well, it's winter. We are visiting nicely and the boys keep strutting around in a weird fashion. Well, so Jorden crawls up on the couch close to her and then, moves in behind her. All of a sudden, *WHAP!*. Jorden has a pillow and smacks *D* across the back of her head.

I was speechless. He hit her hard enough that her entire head flew forward and wrecked her pretty hair. I was MORTIFIED.

Ok, so at supper, this is the conversation:
Jereme: Jorden, did you like *D*?
Jorden: YES!
Jereme: Do you think *D* is pretty?
Jorden: Mmmmhmmm, yes! She is yummy!

EXCUSE ME? Jereme could hardly keep himself upright he was laughing so hard. Jereme did make him clarify and say that girls are "pretty".

I am really thinking the destruction, wildness, constant wrestling/running/climbing/jumping will be much preferable than the glimpse I just got of my future...

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