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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Days...

Tonight after putting 2 wild-child twinadoes down to bed, I told Jereme I now *distinctly* remember why I often felt like I had truly accomplished something last winter when day after day after day he could arrive home and not find me hiding in the closet with a bottle of vodka.

It's the not getting outdoors. Truly, I think that's it. Little boys MUST be allowed to be outside in wide, open spaces.

Items which may or may not have occurred in our home today:
1. Momma in kitchen cleaning up breakfast. Upon checking on the children in the little boys' room here is how everyone is arranged. Baby-dangling off side of bed? Check. One 3-year-old standing on bookcase? Check. Another 3-year-old wedged completely under a bed? Check.
2. Momma putting sheets on a bed with baby underfoot. Step back in laundry room. One child in washing machine? Check. One child in dryer? Check.
3. 5,001 fights and tears over whose race car this is, who took the New Holland combine or why someone touched my xyz.
4. 315 ear-piercing screams of laughter while running 315 laps through the house.
5. 2 little boys eating an entire bottle of chewable vitamins.
6. 1/2 inch of water on the entire bathroom floor.
7. Children go to basement dressed. Arrive back upstairs less than 5 minutes later buck-naked.
8. Momma realizes around 4 pm that the house is dang cold. Crud, heater is not working and husband in meetings until past 530 45 minutes away. She calls HVAC guy. Pay $67.50 for him to spend 30 seconds in my house flipping the switch back on the heater that apparently two little helpers "fixed" for her early in the day along with stripping down to bare-bottoms in the basement. Dang, they can multi-task.

Honestly, I must stop there. I fear continuing on with the day could send me to the closet anyways...


Tiffany said...

Wow! I TOTALLY agree that boys MUST be allowed outside in wide, open spaces. It sounds like your house was quite the crazy place yesterday - hope it warms up enough today to kick your crazies outside :)

kristy said...

LOVE IT!(not that you had to spend money to find out about the switch. I wouldn't of know either.) Not a dull moment! :)

Clinton said...

Well, make sure it is Kettle One... the good stuff goes down easier... and it helps when your mixer isn't exploded all over the back of Jereme's pick up.