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Friday, February 11, 2011

Random comments...

Today, the boys and I headed to Manhattan to run a few errands. Here are some of the comments we received...we normally get some but not this many in a 2-stop, 2-hour trip:

Oh, your boys are so darling! (So sweet!)

Wow, what a good-looking group of little guys! (Thank you!)

Are they twins? (approx 501 times)

Wow, you have your hands full. (approx 501 times)

Are they all yours? (Huh? What? Have we crossed some line by having three kids?)

Oh my, they have plenty of energy to spare, don't they? (I'm thinking that isn't so much of a compliment.)

OOOOOOOOOOOOH, are these JEREME'S boys??? (Um, yes, and I am just the live-in help that carried them, gave birth and nursed all of them. But, yes, they are Jereme's.)

Boy, they sure have been cooped up. (Again, compliment? Not so much.)

Are you going to try for a girl now? (I don't know, are you going to try for brains?)

You need a girl!!! (You need to bite your tongue!)

All you need now is a little girl! (Seriously??? Enough with the little girl comments!)

One more try and I bet you get a girl. (Ok, but what if it's another boy? Or twin boys? Then what? What's your name and number again?)

How old are you boys? (Don't bother to wait for me to respond...) Are they 6? (WHAT? Lay off the drugs lady!)

But, the best and most random comment of the day came from Isaac Warren House. Jereme has a little cold. Isaac asked him as he was crawling in bed tonight how he got sick. Jereme said, I don't know, sometimes we just get sick.

Isaac: Daddy, have you been touching your bottom?

Jereme: What?

Isaac: Have you been touching your bottom a lot and now you are sick?

You just never know around here!!


Jeff and Cricket said...

Jereme, stop touching your bottom and getting everyone sick!


Diane, you tell those people you have nieces, and that fills the estrogen gap! ;-) LOL

People need a muzzle!

The Lundgrens said...

Oh, I am sitting on my couch, laughing so hard right now....well, I had to stop so my laptop would stop shaking and I could actually type.
So so funny!!
Oh man...thanks for the laugh.

Today I got "Are they twins?" to which I said, "Yes" and then a follow up.."Man, they look so much alike" to which I wanted to say, "Like I said, lady, they're twins." But instead I just smiled and said, "Yep, they're identical"

Can't remember if I told you about the one we got about a month ago. Andrew and I were both out with the boys and a lady says, "Twins?" We smile and nod and she says, "You guys are crazy!!!" For what? Ordering twins off the menu God gives you as soon as you find out you're pregnant. Hahahahaha!!