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Sunday, February 13, 2011

**UPDATE** on random comments

Today, I took just the little boys to church for a pancake breakfast, SS and church. I think I visibly cringed when the sweetest couple at our church stopped and asked where Jereme and Luke were. We had quite an audience and I started to speak. Isaac said, NO, momma, I tell them.

Isaac says, "My daddy is sick and ..."

**WELL you know at this point I am about to die thinking he is going to inform them HOW/WHY he believes Jereme is sick!**

But, bless you, Isaac, this is how you finished:

"My daddy is sick and Jesus is going to help him feel all better really soon!"

Mark that down in the books, people, we went to church this morning and not one inappropriate comment was made by my children. Well, as far as I know...

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