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Thursday, April 14, 2011


This past Sunday, on the 10th, our little boys turned 4 years old. I truly don't even know how that happens!? I can still remember holding those little feather-weights. They still love to be held and I pray that there are plenty more days ahead of that!

As with every age, I think there are such joys and yet also struggles. Our boys are so independent and they are FULL of personality. We love that they are high-energy, full of things to say and have wild imaginations. But, along with that comes rambunctious behavior, not always cute and delightful things out of their mouths, not a lot of peace and quiet and destruction. I sometimes feel like this age is almost as exhausting as the early weeks of twins nursing every 2 hours, almost.

But, we are so humbled and grateful that God chose to bless us with Isaac and Jorden.

Isaac still loves anything to do with farming. It blows us away the things he knows and talks to us about. He has no shortage of things to say and conversations with him could last forever. He does *NOT* like unfamiliar dogs but he *LOVES* eating at Mexican restaraunts. He is tall and lean, wearing mostly 5T clothing. But, to be honest, he prefers to just be nakkie.

Jorden loves race cars and really wants to drive one. He has a special green race car that Poppa and Mimi gave him about 8 months ago that he carries around most everywhere. Jorden loves to tease people closest to him. He is a sweetheart and loves hugs, kisses and telling you how much he loves us. He is also tall, lean and wearing 5T. And, as you might guess, nakkieness is preferred by him, too.

Both boys love their little brother and are usually very good with him. They take their job of protecting Luke quite seriously! They also love to "read" books and can't get enough of people reading to them.

For their birthday, we took the kids to Great Wolf Lodge. They had a blast!!

3 boys ready to go!!

Everyone was super excited about the "Wolf Den" and bunk beds!

Remember the nakkie comment? I am not kidding...when we told the boys we were going to go swimming, Jorden stripped his clothes off and ran to the door. He was halfway out before Jereme caught him!!

And, sweet Luke, took a pretty big spill and busted open his chin. But, nothing keeps Luke from being happy for too long!


Anonymous said...

Where oh where does the time go? I remember when you moved to S-town and how our struggles with the little ones were so different then! I can't believe how GROWN UP both boys look. Long and lean is right! They are lucky little boys to have you and Jereme for parents. I still need to mail their cards...
love you all!

Clinton said...

Depends on the type of farming, but you know 4H parents get to explain the birds and bees before most... I will enjoy reading that post :)