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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Random Thoughts from the KSU game

*A W is a W. Amen?
*Nothing screams "we are here to parrrrr-tay" like rolling into the stadium/parking lot with windows rolled down and a Veggie Tales CD blaring!
*I love that my husband said in response to the above comment, "I wouldn't want to be here any other way!"
*I love old men that wear shorty shorts. And, I mean SHORTY shorts.
*Speaking of shorts, girls, if the lining from your front pockets sticks out below your jean short hem, then your SHORTS ARE TOO SHORT!
*No words can quite explain that feeling of the first game, stadium packed, pregame fanfare going just feels like home.
*By the grace of God, we made it through our first full KSU game with 3 kids...and no meltdowns (parents included!).
*I love looking down our bleachers seeing our sweet friends from Pratt and college friends with 3 young kids, too...makes me smile to see the next generation of Wildcats!! "Loyal to thee thy children will swell thy cry...hail, hail, hail Alma Mater" takes on a whole new meaning!
*What is up with inflated prices at the concession this year? Seriously, $4 for a bottle of Gatorade??? That's 400% mark-up! C'mon, I thought this was a 'family reunion'!!
*Nothing confirms how far away from our college days we are like walking past the grassy area just beyond the East parking lot. Am I right fellow K-Staters??



Kristy said...

Loved this post! :) I'm glad that we both sit in the north endzone so we can see each other. With kids I wouldn't want to sit anywhere else! I see Jeremey's blue bear made it not only into the game, but the pic too. hee hee!

Cricketchirp said...

Seriously, you know the words from your fight song? *eyeroll* And that song inspires brainwashing your children? Isaac, can you say, "Your Mama is ATE UP!" ;-)

Our nephews sure are cute kids! Loving the photos!

Diane said...

Know the words to our fight song?? Heavens yes!!! Our kids have known the words to that since they were at least 3!!! Loyal to thee, etc comes from our Alma Mater song. You call it brainwashing, we call it guiding our kids down the right path...hee-hee!