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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Attitude of Gratitude

God has obviously been preparing my heart for this holiday season. I have listened/read several messages on choosing joy and contentment during this season. So, on that note, here are a few things I am grateful for...things beyond my "standard" responses of my fabulous man and beautiful babes:

*That my sweet nephew "only" had pneumonia and nothing more serious...that he was "only" hospitalized for a few could've been SO MUCH WORSE.

*For a washing machine. So that when 2 out of 3 children get the stomach flu bug, I can wash their sheets at 2 am without too much fuss.

*That when my "baby" puked for the 5th time last night, in my bed, that he actually vomited all over me and our bed and not on himself (again) b/c we had already changed him 4 previous times.

*For the chance to rock Luke to sleep one more time. This morning I rocked him to sleep for a short nap and I dozed off with him. When I opened my eyes, his were open. He smiled and said, "hi!"


*That Isaac ASKED at noon if we could just go ahead and put him to bed b/c he "was exhausted and just not feeling very good."

*And, for this boy...who has yet to be victim to the bug. And that he picked his own outfit on Monday. And, that he proudly went to the library and found Miss Pixie to let her know that he chose his outfit all on his own. I am sure she had no idea!!

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