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Friday, November 18, 2011

Playing Catch-up

I can't believe it's Nov 18th!? I've been playing catch-up for the past few weeks!! Between Jereme's travels, my weekend out, Jereme's hunting weekend...well, it's been crazy!!

Heading out to T-or-T downtown on Friday night!

The "real deal" T-or-Ting!! The boys had a blast! The next day, they decided to keep a small stash of candy and send the rest overseas to our troops. Oh, if only I could have such a selfless heart about giving away sweets!!!!

Speaking of my weekend out. So.Much.Fun. No sleep and so much laughter, I think my face hurt after the weekend. Here we are headed (part of our group) into Women of Faith conference.

And, here is part of our group leaving the hotel for the Moms Gone Wild portion of the night...

A few drinks and appetizers before heading out to meet the rest of the group! Fun times, fun times!

And, what would a blog post be without a 'keeping it real' pic of a recent project of the little boys...

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