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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Changes Changes Changes

Changes changes changes…that seems to be the theme of our married life. I think the past 2 1/2 years has been about the calmest I can remember. It’s fitting that exciting changes are about to take place, again. Jereme has been given the opportunity to relocate with Monsanto back to South Central Kansas. This has been something we have prayed, talked and sometimes agonized over…we really have been humbled throughout the process of waiting to see what God had in store for our family.

So, with that, Jereme has accepted a new territory with DEKALB/Asgrow (Monsanto) that will move us back to Pratt. Everything about this is bittersweet. If his dad hadn’t died, we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to purchase the family farm. Without the family farm, we probably wouldn’t be so connected and drawn back to that area. I think, for Jereme, the thought of being actively involved in the farm again while also having the ability to take his boys out with him is almost too much. He’s said often how strongly he desires to instill in his boys the lessons he learned on the farm.

We’ve made great friends here in Clay and it won’t be easy to leave them. Yet, most of our family lives in the south central Kansas so we are thrilled to be within an hour of all our parents and siblings. We also have great friends and our church home in Pratt that we’ve missed so much, too.

And, let’s be honest…anyone who knows Jereme will understand that just the chance to be reunited with his Channel 12 news team, including Merrill and Ross, is reason enough to make a move!!

The days ahead will be crazy. But, look for us…we’ll be here in Clay for a little while longer. Or, on the road and in Pratt, trying to get resettled. Or, maybe, just maybe, you’ll find Jereme out with his boys at the farm…walking the fields, checking systems, learning to love the land just like he did with his daddy and granddaddy.


Anonymous said...

Great news! How special it will be to raise those boys in the country,where they can learn, explore and get good and dirty!

Very happy for you guys. Indeed, a bitter sweet opportunity.

See yah soon!

Trent and Jenny

Jerree said...

As the news for you guys is bitter sweet, it will be so good to see all of you back in Pratt. During your visits during the last two years I have always thought how nice it would be to have you back in our community and church.

So happy for your family.

Dean & Jerree

Anonymous said...

You will be greatly missed! Sara K

Kelli said...

You know I am thrilled to have you all back! Another Boy family will make us seem more normal!

sbo said...
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