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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hair color does make a difference

Wednesday, Jan 16th, 7:45 AM:
Jereme kisses his wife good-bye and says have a great day. Diane replies, oh will you start my car while you are out there (garage a mess, still can't park in it). Jereme looks at Diane still in her jammies and says, you are going someplace? Diane replies indignantly, that yes, she is going to change quickly and run out to get some cold meds for the boys before it begins snowing.
7:50 AM:
Diane makes it back to bathroom and looks at hair. Decides she must wet it down and do a quick blow-dry in order to be presentable.
7:55 AM:
Wet hair, Diane races to get the boys their juice as they are freaking out in high chairs b/c breakfast is over.
8:15 AM:
Diane is ready to leave but remembers she must stop at UPS, put letters in mail, etc. Gets boys out of high chair to play on floor while she finishes up.
8:30 AM:
Diane is ready to go. Looks at clock, decides to go after morning naps b/c she knows she will be gone for at least an hour and doesn't want cranky babies in the car who need a nap.
10:05 AM:
Diane remembers the car is running.

Shhhhhh, let's not share this one with Jereme.....


Nat said...

lmao - you're cracking me up...!

Anonymous said...

That is so funny!! I had a friend that did the same thing but hers was parked in the garage with the door up. She got a phone call and decided not to run errands after all.

Anonymous said...

Omg - I pulled a Diane the other day...I left my oven on 425 degrees for 2 DAYS! Ooops! lol

- Nat