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Monday, January 14, 2008

Pics! Finally! And a small confession...

I should've done it sooner. Swallowing your pride and calling your sis-in-law to admit that you are technologically retarded (I cringe to use that word, but these are words Websters provides as synonyms and they are applicable backward, disabled, handicapped) is not an easy thing to do. After weeks on end of not knowing my camera was broke, ordering a new one only to find my docking station was broke and now how the heck was I going to get pics off the camera, I called Cricket. Lo and behold, did you know that you can get your pics off a camera with just a stinkin' USB cord? Oh, you did? Well, I was so excited that I didn't have to go buy a new docking station that it almost brought a tear to my eye. So, now I will fill this blog with some new pics!

How Isaac now spends his "nap" time

Jorden smiling so sweetly

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