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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Warning: No pics!

I am still awaiting my new camera to arrive so I can download my pics. Kodak informed me that my camera was dead so I did what I do online!!! Soon, very soon, I promise!

I have told many, I am finally putting on my "big-girl panties" and learning to deal with 2 infants all on my own. Jereme is gone to St. Louis for the week. As much as I stomped my feet about this, he still went. Things have gone well, so far. But, "Mimi" (Grandma) Judy told Isaac to be a good boy for his momma and he laughed and giggled with the devil in his eye. Many of you have seen that look from my wild child.

Fun things the boys are doing:

*Eating all sorts of table food. Gone are my drama queens who would gag themselves if you put a teeny-tiny bite of food on their tongue. We are into grilled cheese, ham, mac/cheese, grapes, carrots and from their daddy chocolate cake/ice cream.

*Ripping up any book, newspaper that might be within their reach. Even if it isn't in their reach, they manage to find a way to get it.

*Cracking up at each other. Both boys will watch what the other is doing and often laugh hysterically. I swear, they are talking to one another. They converse back and forth if left alone. Then, Isaac will laugh like a crazed person. Scares me a little, to be honest.

*Attempting to crawl. God's gift to me with twins must be good sleepers and late crawlers. My days are about to get BUSY BUSY!

We haven't met any of our neighbors yet. We apparently have some shady characters in our area...their easy to identify. Their homes are decorated in crimson and blue. Plenty of purple to be found in our area, though. God is good!

On to my soapbox for just a brief moment...
If you're a parent, grandparent, whatever, I HIGHLY recommend picking up John Rosemond's book below. I just finished it. He is my type of guy. No nonsense, old-fashioned and just lays it out on the line. No post-modern psychology about how to understand your children, reason with them, etc. Just common sense stuff that has been used for centuries on end until the past few decades. Excellent read!

Ok, off my soapbox and back to the trenches of poopy diapers and dancing like a crazed person to get some smiles from Isaac and Jorden. Once upon a time, I didn't care what most people thought and here I am trying to feel good about myself by getting 9-month-olds to laugh at me. Sad, but true.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, so you twisted my arm with this post and I ordered the book off ebay. Hope it arrives any day. I am an online shopper freak, much easier to get it from home than going out and sometimes it comes cheaper as well, even better!!