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Monday, February 25, 2008

The "Sisters" Outing....

Those sisters that dared to join went to OKC for Saturday/Sunday. We left the men in charge at home. Yes, shouts of glee were heard all over the state of Kansas as the husbands didn't have to hear any nagging, could drink beer and play with the kids without mommas hovering over them. But, even louder shouts of joy were heard statewide when those same mommas returned home on Sunday evening to take back over.

The girls ate, drank, shopped and of course TALKED nonstop. One of the pics below show me with eyes closed. Some people will automatically assume (without reading this far, of course, because they are tired of the rambling) that Diane had too much to drink and couldn't keep her eyes open. But, they are wrong...I am showing off my glamourous eye makeup done by artists Arica and Denise. I do not know how to apply eye makeup and therefore limit it to mascara...I got the full meal deal on Saturday...three colors of shadow, eye liner and mascara. We took pictures just to prove it can be done!

On another note...if you are near OKC, stop in and see the memorial there. Very well-done. Thought-provoking and the creators of the memorial did it up right even to the smallest detail. I was both very impressed and saddened.

At the Karaoke bar...only one dared to sing!
From left to right: Arica "the adopted sister", Cricket "the sis-in-law", Denise "the sister", Diane

Eye makeup!


Cricketchirp said...

And the one that dared to sing, should NOT have, LOL! :-)Darn that liquid courage :D

Diane said...

You did great! If I would've been up there, I would've been "gonged" by the barkeep!