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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Where oh where is our Blake of ******?

I just need to tell somebody this, so I'll tell you...

I am paying bills, all is quiet at the House house, until you hear a loud,
"What the h*!!?" from me.

As I am updating debit card transactions into Quickbooks from our bank, I notice a charge from HairLoft of ****** for $24. What? I don't remember getting my hair cut recently.

Wait, I vaguely remember Jereme telling me he needed a haircut and couldn't find a barber, or at least hadn't found one yet. Are you KIDDING me? Someone charged Jereme $24 to cut HIS hair????? He barely has any hair!!!

Where is our trusty barber Blake from Pratt when you need him? $12 and he had it done in less than 10 minutes. I can't wait to hear Jereme's version of his $24 haircut!


Cricketchirp said...

Jereme! I get my hair cut, colored and styled for only $35. Seems someone has lost his mind ;-) HA!

Anonymous said...

A guy has to look good when he is going to Vegas to party with Paris!!

Diane said...

HA on the partying with Paris...don't you know, he goes to Vegas for "work"...just like he'll be in St. Louis next week for "work". I'll, too, be applying for Monsanto's next vacancy in this area!