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Monday, January 26, 2009

Absent: Both mentally and physically!

Wow, this has been my longest break from blogging! Thanks for hanging in here with me/us! Seems like the month of January has been chock-full.

Full of:
*Family drama! (gotta love that!)
*Ornery little boys who love to make their momma crazy. They've both officially gotten out of their cribs. But, we had a little "come to Jesus" meeting with both and hope that buys us a little more time. The kiddos are saying such funny things these days, too.
*Bible studies and teaching Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University.
*Trying to figure out my new laptop that I have had for 2 weeks and still am using Jereme's consistently.

Oh, and one other small detail:

Yes, after a few weeks of being in denial and wondering why in the heck I am so tired (surely not b/c I am chasing twin toddlers!) I am a confirmed case of pregnancy. Rest easy, I've already had an early u/s and it is ONE jellybean, much to Jereme's disappointment.

Guess we really are crazy. You know, because we manage our two now so well, why not have another, right? Maybe I'll start trying to chase Michelle Duggar!!!


Nat said...

OMG! I'm so happy for you guys! YAY!! Congrats & rest up - you're going to have your hands full sister!! (lol - Michelle - did you watch the wedding last night? just weird!)

Diane said...

Aw man, the wedding was last night? I told Jereme I was going to watch it, weirdo as that family might be, it's like a train-wreck!!!

Kelli said...

YAY!!!!!!! When are you due? That is so exciting! Don't let me scare you with the whole 3 thing. It really is sooooo worth it and I am still thinking we will have at least 1 more so it can't be all bad.

BTW: I LOVE the duggars. Okay they are an unusal family but it a good way. I don't think I agree with their dating beliefs but on the whole I think they have a lot going for them. So I say go for it! (Thanks for reminding me I will go check my DVR for the wedding episode)


Nat said...

I like that they are about the only good thing left on tv - but they ARE a little strange! Like the whole no kissing before the wedding thing, and the 'talk' with the dad - you'll see that when you watch it Kelli - it was just uncomfortable. ANYWAYS! Forgot to ask when you are due??

Diane said...

Oh Kelli you know you have me scared with 3!!! You are crazy thinking about 4...just kidding!

I am due the first of September...u/s had a few different numbers so we're going for the beginning of Sept and will have a better idea at the 18-20 week sono!