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Friday, January 2, 2009

My own domesticated man...

Jereme has been on vacation since the 24th. It's been awesome to just have him around. It's been a full year now since he had any real time off. He's been great helping around the house and just loving on the boys. Tonight, though, the truth comes out. He was emptying the dishwasher on his own accord so he could clean up the kitchen (his words, not mine) and he looks at me and says,
"Good Lord, I have to go back to work. I am becoming too domestic."

Doesn't he know that there is nothing sexier than a man who cleans just because he wants to help????

Oh, and if you are around that sweet man of mine anytime soon and notice a peculiar smell, it isn't him. Well, not really, anyways. Gone are the days of wild nights out for New Year's Eve. For the 3rd straight year, we could be found at home, watching movies and not greeting the New Year in. But, this year, we did it in style...we bought a bunch of crab legs and made a feast after the boys went to bed. 2 days later, Jereme asks me if I've seen his cell phone around. I hadn't. Jereme walked the house calling his phone with mine. No luck. I sent him out in the backyard to see if it got left ouside. Hmmm, still no luck. I said, "you don't think it could be in the trash do you?" Mmmmmm, yummy the seafood lover in all of you will certainly appreciate that smell next time you see Jereme as his phone was buried in the bottom of the sack with all the crab leg shells and shrimp peels.

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