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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Speech development and Jereme's happiness

This morning, the boys FINALLY got caught up on their immunizations. It went over pretty well but what else can you expect when the nurse brings in suckers and stickers on the shot tray. Isaac took his like a champ, which is no surprise b/c he is obsessed, and I mean OBSESSED, with "uckers" as he calls them. We're just hoping (and praying/pleading with God) that when he decides to start using an initial consonant sound, that it will be the "s" and not the "f". Although, it would serve his often but not meaning to have potty-mouthed parents right, if he did!

And, our house up here desperately needs painted. Originally, we'd planned to do that this summer. But, those plans also didn't include a very pregnant gal with a husband traveling most of July either. So, I told Jereme that if we could get the house painted professionally for X amount of dollars, he was off the hook. I never thought it'd work out. But, I got the bid for it today and it was literally $100 under X. Damn, that didn't work out quite as I had planned...I was thinking Jereme on a ladder and me with a wad of extra money to spend. Ooops, there goes the potty-mouth again...

1 comment:

Nat said...

Lol - we got our dog Tucker right when D was in the rhyming phase...tucker, bucker, lucker,.....thatnkfully he never got to F!