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Monday, March 7, 2011

His father's son...

Yesterday, Jereme was talking to Jorden about driving a tractor. I asked Jorden, "do you want to learn to drive a tractor when you are 6?"

Jorden's reply? "No! I want to drive the combine and I can learn it when I am 5!"

And a couple other randoms from our house:
*If you see Luke, please don't turn us into Child Protective Services. He took a face-plant dive off the playground equipment on Sunday. It's possible he might've been "helped" by one of his brothers.

*Jereme was back home for 36 hours and is now gone again. I felt super sorry for him when he passed out asleep after only being home for about an hour on Saturday night. You know how it is..."working" in Vegas is a tough business.

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