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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Store

I don't know why but grocery shopping as a family seems to be the trend recently at our house. I think it just kind of happened this winter for a "get out of the house" activity when you live in SmallTown, USA. Jereme usually pushes the twins in the car cart while I take Luke with me. Usually, the little boys are all over when daddy is with us. In and out of the car, climbing on the top, riding on the back, climbing into the cart, etc.

Last night, however, the little boys were unusually quiet. I wasn't paying much mind to them, just getting going on my big list. Jereme was picking up a few things. And, then, it kicked in. It being a momma's intuition...something is not right with this picture. I turned around to see the two little boys calmly sitting in the car cart. Hmmmm, this is strange so I walk back closer. Outstanding! They had each stolen an apple from the produce section and were eating it. I sighed and walked on knowing we were officially Rednecks.

But, Luke, not wanting to be outdone, waited until we got to the checkout line. Jereme grabbed him out of the cart not realizing Luke grabbed a Cadbury egg. I glanced over to see sweet Luke chowing down on a Cadbury egg...wrapper and all.

Ray's Applemarket HEARTS the House family.

1 comment:

Tiffany said...

Hilarious - maybe you have found the key to stress-free grocery shopping with your kids! :)