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Thursday, May 19, 2011


Today was the little boys' last day of Pre-K. It's been a great year and we have been so blessed to have Ms. Kim as their teacher. She is gentle, calm, quiet and has an endless supply of patience. Essentially, she is everything I am not. The boys have loved going and have grown up so much since the beginning of the year. Good thing they won't go to Kindy for another 2 years...I'm not quite ready to think about that!

And, let's keep it is Luke playing and smiling for the camera one afternoon. Unfortunately for him, this was the afternoon after I had run a half-marathon. I was not moving fast at all. Shortly after grinning here, Luke got out and turned his car around. He then proceeded to drive himself right off the retaining wall you see head first. He was okay and grinning again pretty quickly!

1 comment:

Jeff and Cricket said...

Here is how I know that Isaac and Isabel are indeed related.......they could care less about the same sort of things in the same situations. LOL He doesn't look very impressed in this photo. ;-) Too cute that Isabel's Kindy graduation was today too (they called it an awards ceremony but were given a "diploma").

Luke bean is a.dor.a.ble! :)