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Saturday, May 7, 2011

My oh my...

Tonight, our darling, sweetheart of a baby of the family pooped in the bathtub as he was getting out. And, it was disgusting. We had 2 little boys running around laughing like a couple of hyenas, a baby crying that wanted out of there but needed to be cleaned off again while held in the air.

All I could think about was, "my oh my how times have changed in the past 11-12 years." 12 years ago would've found Jereme and I at our apartments, taking a nap or vegging out, before we went out. I mean 8:15 pm was one even started getting ready to go to Aggieville any before 11 pm. And, at 8:15 pm nowadays, I am danged near ready for bed!

12 years ago, I would've thought those poor, lame people that stay home Saturday night after Saturday night after Saturday night with their wild hellions of boys.

Now, I think, those poor college kids, they have no idea what's in store for them!! Ha! Just kidding!!!! I love my little family and love our little, possibly somewhat lame, life to pieces. Blessed indeed!


Clinton said...

Poohing in the tub is limited to boys, right?

beth foster said...

i'm with you - my how life has changed. ;)

Unknown said...

So true You an I know it among many other things! LOL~!