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Monday, May 23, 2011

The Neighborhood

Sometimes I worry that our redneck roots come out a little too know kids half-clothed running around, peeing off the retaining wall. Or, when we do things like plant some Round-up Ready DEKALB corn on accident. Or, ride around the neighborhood every night in the Mule. I worry that we might belong out in the country (or Arkansas for that matter) instead.

But, then, I am woken up at 12 am listening to the neighbors behind our house screaming at one another until at least 1:15 am. And, the next morning, my next door neighbor is mowing her yard in her pajamas with a cigarette and I think, "you know, maybe we do fit in here after all..."


beth foster said...

lol! am I considered your neighborhood? ;)

Tiffany said... funny. I believe you may be in redneck-ville :) I'm missing the chickens we had in our redneck backyard in M-vale...

Clinton said...

The best kind of neighbors are the ones that remind you that your in-laws are pretty normal.

And your corn problem makes dandelion problems seem trivial :)