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Monday, August 15, 2011

A Perfect Sunday

I love Sundays...they are my favorite day of the week! Yesterday was exactly what I love about them.

*Sleeping in (well, if you have kids, you understand this is not even close to what sleeping in used to be!!!)
*Family Breakfast
*Church (ok, and minus the inevitable yelling and racing around trying to find shoes, get kids in the car, etc that has to happen in order to get to church)
*Baby (and I use that term loosely) rocked to sleep
*Jereme snuggles with one boy, I snuggle with another boy for short naps
*Little boys make a picnic of blankets on the floor to eat nachos and watch was has to be the most annoying video ever, Fireman Sam, while Jereme and I have a "date" with our nachos at the dining room table and catch up for the first time in a week (or more???)
*Play time!!! Wrestle-mania (for the boys)
*Go for a drive with the windows down out in the country
*Books and bedtime for the little people
*Ice cream sundaes (why are my pants too tight again????) and Friday Night Lights

1 comment:

Tiffany said...

Sundays are my most favorite day too :)