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Saturday, August 6, 2011


We headed to a great local rodeo this past week. I love going places like this b/c I am a BIG people-watcher and folks, let me tell you, there is NO PLACE like a local county fair, demo derby and or rodeo to get some solid people-watching. Anyways, the below items may or may not have occurred on our visit thus essentially assuring we are the people people-watchers are watching.

*I might've told my son his $3 ear of roasted corn was fine after he dropped it on the gross concrete shortly after opening it.

*One of my 4-year-olds may have lifted up my skirt from behind for all sorts of unfortunate people to view while my hands were occupied trying to carry Luke and a diaper bag.

*It's possible I did buy a bag of cotton candy for EACH child and proceed to let them eat the entire thing during the rodeo. Then, I remembered why I don't ever buy cotton candy.

*At one particularly restless point, we might have let Luke beg the people sitting next to us for a "bite? bite? bite?" until they felt obligated to share their food with him. And, then the 4-year-olds.

*I may have told the little boys to meet me outside the bathrooms not knowing I would need to tell them to meet me out there with their pants UP...really?? Do I have to be that explicit? Ok, so maybe they have troubles snapping jean shorts but pull them up for crying out loud!!!

*Speaking of our sweet children may have worn cowboy boots with their jean shorts...or should I be calling them jorts???



Clinton said...

classic... the peeing on the truck tire probably bordered on over share, but I feel like I spend half my life walking out the door and realizing I've got to hit up a Starbukcs or Safeway... and quick.

Tiffany said...

Love it! Thanks for the good laugh :)