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Monday, January 14, 2008

Photographers must make big $$$

That's all I can figure out. All dancing around, acting goofy, surprising with a sudden shot to get a picture with eyes open, halfway smiles and looking in the right direction! Then, that poor photographer had to try and get the kids to cooperate, too. I think she must've needed a drink after dealing with Jereme and me and our inability to take photos with our eyes open and looking the right way! After what seemed like 15,000 shots, we finally got one with everyone's eyes open and even smiles! Here are a few of the pics we recently had taken....


Anonymous said...

So cute!! Thanks for sharing.
I see the boys have on Robeez. We have a couple pairs for Brayden and love them! I wish they made them for me :)

Diane said...

I'm too cheap to buy the actual Robeez so I buy the knock-offs at Target for $12!

Nat said...

Awww - cute pics!!! Love em!