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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Only at Wal-mart

Against my better judgment, I went to Wal-mart this morning. As most of you know about me, I am frugal to the core. But, I also refuse to shop at Wal-mart. Unfortunately, many of you have had to hear at least 20 of the 500 reasons why we NEVER go to Wal-mart. Today, though, the idea of 16 more diapers for $2 less than I normally pay lured me in. I decided to also get some groceries.

After finding a parking spot practically out on the highway, I try to get a grip on my composure. But, I am silently cursing, wondering what in the heck all these people are doing in Wal-mart at 1045 AM on Thursday. I find the cart return and take 2 carts to my car to load up the boys. Return cart #1 as it has no safety belt to restrain my kids from climbing out. Load Jorden. Get Isaac out. Put him in cart #2. Say a nasty word. That cart has no saftey latch either. Carry Isaac to cart return while hoping no one runs over Jorden sitting in replaced cart #1.

Start walking inside. Wind blows 40+ mph. Learn that I have gotten 2 carts that can't be wheeled straight. Walk in doors. Try to push and pull 2 carts through about 50 people standing in entry way. Wonder if this is a big mistake.

Head to customer service as I need to return something bought months ago. Sigh as I realize there are 20 people standing in 2 lines. My line moves forward quickly and then stops when I am 2 people away from being helped. Watch Customer Service Rep walk away. Wonder what she is doing. Stand for about 3 more minutes. Ask other lady if this line is now closed. She says, "yes". I try to control temper. VERY loudly inquire as to why no one in my line was told the line was closing. Stomp off. Make big scene trying to wheel 2 carts that won't go straight through crowd. Decide to grocery shop first. No probs.

In check-out line, cashier inquires about item to be returned. Tell her I am returning. She asks to see my sticker on it from coming in the door. Huh? There were 50 people in the entry, remember? I tell her I have none. She and I argue about returning it. I win.

Head over to customer service again. Only 2 people in line. Try to keep my patience as waiting. White Trash Couple (WTC) walks up behind me and starts talking and fooling with the kids. Boys look scared and start to cry everytime the people get close to them. I tell boys it's okay. WTC can't seem to figure out that the boys are screaming b/c they are scaring them and continue getting close to them and "tickling" their tummies. I finally turn and give my best fake smile and say, they are going through a little phase where strangers scare them. I try hard to not be scared by couple either once I see them.

Stand in silence for about 15 seconds. White Trash Woman asks how old the boys are. I say about 14 months. She says, "both of them?". I say, "yes". She says, "how did that happen?" I pause and say, "well, they are twins". She thinks for a moment and says, "So, twins are the same age?"

Moral of the story: It is not worth 2 freaking dollars of savings to shop at Wal-mart!


Anonymous said...

I am laughing so hard I am crying! :)

Anonymous said...

Just remember this fun day next time you are tempted to drive in to WalMart's parking lot!!!!!!