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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Early morning conversations...

Jereme is out of town to Monmouth, IL on Monsanto's research farm. He calls early this morning and I am thinking, "what a sweetheart, he wants to start his day talking to me!" Here is the conversation:

D: Hi! It's good to hear from you.
J: Hey, I was calling to ask what kind of stroller you have.
D: What?
J: What's the name of that new stroller you just bought?
D: Are you serious?
J: Yes.
D: It's called the BOB Revolution Duallie.
J (to someone in the background): It's the BOB Revolution Duallie. She thinks its the greatest stroller ever. (to me) Thanks, hon. Another guy and I are talking about jogging strollers and I couldn't remember the name. I'll talk to you later. {hangs up}
D: WHAT??????????????????????????????????????

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