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Sunday, July 13, 2008

The REAL Indenpendence Day...

July 11th-13th was the REAL Independence Day around here. We had freedom from our responsiblities (and little bundles of joy) this weekend. Papa and Mimi came to stay while we took a little weekend getaway. It was awesome! We left Friday after lunch and got back home today around lunch. We went to a great concert featuring Gary Allan, Keith Anderson and a whole bunch of white trash. Saturday we shopped, at a restaraunt that doesn't feature a kids menu and meal in 10 minutes and saw a movie. What sweet bliss! It was a much-needed time to converse with Jereme in segments longer than 30 seconds. But, it will never cease to amaze me how just a short amount of time (hmmmm, like maybe 30 minutes after I left the boys) can tenderize my heart towards them so much. Although we had a fabulous weekend, coming home was even better!

Big thanks to Papa Gary and Mimi Judy for giving up their weekend to play with the kids! We came home to clean laundry, clean sheets/towels, some new decorations and the boys trained on a few things that desperately needed to be done (like not knocking all the chairs over in the dining room!!!). We'll do this more often!

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