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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Proof I might be adopted???

I really think I am. Most of you know that my dad is a CPA and my mom is an accountant, too. Think organized, efficient and highly-detail-oriented. Both of my sister’s work in accounting and then, well, there is me.

My extremely competent accountant (Mom) e-filed our tax return for us as she does every year. We got a nice little refund from the feds and owed the state of Kansas $14. For God’s sake, she sent me home with my payment voucher and pre-addressed envelope.

Me, in my busy world of playing with the boys, surfing the internet, avoiding housework put that little notice to the side to pay “later”. (Do you see where this is going???) Today, I opened the mailbox to find a nice thick envelope from The Department of Revenue for the State of Kansas (kind of scary-looking, to be honest). Yes, I failed to pay Kansas her dues and now owe $14.32…dang that $0.32 penalty.

I am going to make a stab in the dark guess that I will not be working in the accounting field anytime soon.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That is funny!!! How much did it cost them to send that envelope? I had a client owe less than $10 once and they spent $25 on certified mail to collect their $10. Government at it's best....