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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What a guy!!

Tonight was Bunco night. Jereme called me at 5 pm to let me know 2 co-workers were coming to the house with him in less than 10 minutes. YIKES, should've spent more time working on the house and less time sunning myself while the boys were in their pool. Anyways, the Monsanto men decided to take the little House boys to dinner. What a brave group and what a treat for Momma!


Anonymous said...

Was it the "cool" environment when they arrived that persuaded them to take the boys out? Monsanto men are no dummies!

Diane said...

No, actually, I think it was the lure of getting to ride in my awesome minivan with the super 90,000 mile tires that enticed them to all go. What can I say? The minivan ROCKS!