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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It just comes naturally...

We really don't set out to be rednecks. Really, we don't. Somehow, it just happens. Tonight, I had a brief chat with my mom on the phone. Put my phone in my windbreaker pocket. Then, we loaded up on my dad's Mule (Jereme's borrowing from dad for planting season) to go for a little ride around the neighborhood. Yes, I realize this borders on redneck. Most people take their kids on bikes, in wagons or in a stroller, but alas, not us, we go in the Mule.

So, there we all sit. Cruising around Small-town America. 2 dirty-faced boys and one little baby who doesn't even have on any socks, for crying out loud. We make it home. We all go inside. I realize I have not a clue where my phone is. I use Jereme's phone to call it. I remember that I put it on silent while at the park and store today. I call it one more time b/c apparently I just don't quite want to believe this. Mind you we are already 30 minutes or so past the children's normal bedtime.

Jereme: Where do you remember having it last?
Me: I know where I had it last.
Jereme: Huh?
Me: I put it in my pocket before we got on the mule. Do you think it could've fallen out?
Jereme (maintaining great self-discipline by not even rolling his eyes once): Yes. Are you going to go look for it?
Me: Well, shouldn't we get the kids to bed.
Jereme: Um, ya, but it's already almost dark. You better go now. Should I put the kids to bed?
Me: Hmmmmm. Well, go ahead and do Luke. I'll do the twins when I get back.
Jereme: The key to the Mule is up on the shelf.
Me: I'm not taking the Mule.
Jereme: Why not? What else are you going to take?
Me: The minivan.
Jereme: What in the *BLEEP*? Why are you going to take the van; you won't be able to see anything. Take the Mule and go back over the route we went.
Me: Just go put the baby down. BOYS, c'mon.

So, I loaded up the twins, made their day by telling them they didn't have to wear their seatbelts. And, guess what? I found that phone about 1.5 miles from home, on a dirt road in front of the "nice neighborhood" in Small-town USA (Don't get me started why the nice areas of this town are dirt roads. I just can't go there right now.). So, I hop out of the ultra-cool, my super-sweet ride of a minivan and cheer loudly b/c there is my phone, covered in white dirt. I turn around and there are my boys (who remember, were not restrained) with the sliding doors wide open cheering for me, too.

Oh, did I mention the twins were buck-naked? Well, not completely. They did have on their socks.



The Browning's Blog said...

Reading your blog makes my day. I think you should write a book of all your stories. You're HILARIOUS!

Kelli said...

Ha Ha Ha!!!! Yes, we are also having phone issues and there might have been 3 little boys jumping on our trampoline naked yesterday. We really should live in the same place.

Oh, and in our Edmond neighborhood the new thing is to ride around in the evening on family size ATVs (which is what I think a mule is). So you might set the trend of the new status symbol.

Kristy said...

Too Funny!!!

Caffeinated Bliss said...

Ha! Love it!!