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Sunday, August 29, 2010

August 28th, 2010

This should've been yesterday but I didn't get online for almost 2 whole days...just for my boy.

Happy Birthday to my Luke!! You are 1 years old! I can hardly believe that 365 days have passed since your first sweet breath. We knew as soon as we met you that you had a sweet disposition. You've survived a lot this first year. A momma who might've been a wee bit nutty b/c she had to go house-hunting when you were 10 days old. Sleeping in the closet. Being drug all over creation. A big move. New house. Irregular schedule. People forgetting to feed you meals. An ER visit. Twin older brothers who love you a lot (heck, just that one is too much for one little person in itself!!). We certainly weren't expecting you, sweet thing, but oh how you've changed this house. You completed this family and we've loved every minute since you arrived. From your middle of the night cries to your own independent streak, you are a blessing!! We love you!

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Kristy said...

Happy Birthday to Luke!!! :)