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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Vacation!! Trip!!

We are Colorado-bound sometime this weekend for our first family trip ever. Please notice use of the word trip. I've learned from some very wise people that trips include your kids and vacations do not. We are super excited and Jereme has vowed his Blackberry is being shut-off tomorrow afternoon and will remain off. I might be more excited about that than the news that follows this sentence. Seriously, can you imagine? I can' full week without that thing buzzing constantly with emails, phone calls and voice messages???

But, in other big news, Jereme just found out that he and I will be taking a VACATION! He earned Master Sales and that means 7 days in HAWAII in October. Bless you, Poppa and Mimi for agreeing to take our little stinkers for that time. There isn't a person that knows better than me what it means to have those kids for 7 straight days! They are a delight but they are also BOYS and TODDLERS!

I really don't know how I am going to kiss those sweet faces good-bye for that long. I am quite certain the food, drink, relaxation, beach, ocean, sleeping will somehow alleviate it. But, that's a long time to be away from your babies!! I've got a lot to do between now and then...tear myself away from baby Luke a little more will be a challenge but I am guessing the biggest challenge will be as my mom so eloquently put it, "getting swimsuit ready!!" Holy smokes, Batman, I better get going!!

Those sweet little faces and the progression of pictures with 3 boys in it!


Clinton said...

You'll be escaping the heat, so maybe you can call it a vacatrip. Then, a vacation indeed!

As a still recovering blackberry addict, some of the secrets of feigning withdrawal include:

- Long washroom breaks
- I'm going to grab coffee... you stay in bed... I'll bring it back for you
- Sure, you drive, I'm just going to hop in the back and snooze for a bit
- I'm going to step in here and look at the (pause as scanning the window to decide) scuba diving equipment... or it happens to be a Claire's, and another recovery is required

Diane said...

Clint! I am laughing so hard b/c that is so stinkin' true!!!

The Browning's Blog said...

They are so precious! I can't believe how grown up the twins are looking...not so much like toddlers anymore, more like preschoolers.

Have a great trip! I'm sure it will be an adventure, and I look forward to hearing all about it. :)