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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Family "vacation"

Aw, home sweet home. I could not be any happier to be at home. I slept all night last night. That was the first time since last Friday night. And, that's even with a confirmed, as of this morning, case of strep throat.

For those non-FBers, remember that little boy in my previous post that had a temp the night before we left. Well, it only took us 4 days of whiney kids, not being able to do a dadgum thing, the baby having a 103 temp for like 20 hours and tons of screaming to determine we needed to find a doctor in CO. Turns out all three boys had strep throat. So, we holed up until Thursday when we finally went out and did a few things. We left the next morning and by then, I, too, was running a temp and feeling slightly less than perky. It was Twins did awesome. Baby boy was just still not feeling well and did a lot of screaming. But, he is almost as thrilled as his momma and daddy to be home.

But, my goal this year has been to try and find joy. Joy in every situation. And, here are a few things for which I am joyful:

*Setting the bar so low on this family vacay that it should be near impossible to have a worse one next time (I probably shouldn't have said that...totally jinxed it).

*Jereme laying down EVERY single day with his boys for a nap. He never gets to do those things and they loved every minute of it.


*Tylenol with codeine...hello, my new best friend!

*And, dang it, this my blog so I'll say it again...just being back home with my little family. Love them!

Here are pics from the trip. Needless to say, there are very few!

Staying overnight halfway to our destination

Baby boy before the tears began in full-force...should've know then what was coming.

This is how the boys "fished" and played while sick...

This is how an almost 3-hour hike ended. I'd have killer biceps again like I did in early twin-days if I did this a little more often!

Getting ready for a little adventure with daddy...

Just had to share this picture that my 3-year-old took. I would think he is a camera prodigy except I am not going to share the pictures that followed and quickly became not suitable for a "family" blog.


Tiffany said...

Oh Diane - how miserable!!! You get an award for finding all the joy in your trip :) I would agree - your next vacation can only be better! Way to set the bar high on that first one :) Glad you're back - been missing your posts & emails!

Clinton said...

Love the 4-wheelin' three wheeler :-)

Kelli said...

I am so sorry the kids were sick! That is no fun! Although, I love all the Joy you found anyway! This will be one of your most memorable vacations!

beth foster said...

what?!? none of you LOOK sick in those pics. you look great! you must hide it will. looks like you had fun anyway. and I agree with tiff - your next vaca HAS to be better - how can it not be great when you're in hawaii? what's the worst that could happen? they bring you a lava flow instead of a mai tai? darn!
welcome home!

Diane said...

Beth, it's an interesting thing and you'll soon find out. Your children can be sick as can be with fevers, throwing up, whatever and they still have the ability to run around like a crack-monkey. It's God's gift (or not) to parents. So, yes, when you are sick, you can hardly get yourself off the couch. Your toddler on the other hand, will scale the back of the couch, jump off of it and run 15 laps around the house. They just whine. All.the.time. Cry a good percentage of the time. But, then again so are you as the parent, so it all works out.

Cricketchirp said...

I still contend this was a family trip, not a family vacay, especially when the kids and you all come down sick! LOL ;-) Good job finding the silver lining.