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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Interesting Thursday...

*Started off the morning with a text from my mom telling me to check my text from last night. She and dad wanted to know if the boys could come to their house for a couple nights. I had to reread that text a couple times before racing into the boys room to pack their bags. Kidding! (Kind of...) I already miss those stinkers.

*Talked with a sweet friend from college who is expecting a baby girl in the next few months. I had no idea that they had found out some news re: that sweet baby. They could sure use your prayers. Her attitude was awesome, though.

*Headed to the farm to meet the folks. Had several interesting (and crazy!) convos with the 3-year-olds including wondering if poppa and mimi were going to use bad words and if their cousin's daddy knew how to "drive a plane".

*Found the boys at the edge of the cattle lot partway under the culvert (as in under the road) with a magnifying glass.

*Got a text from my dad this evening wanting to clarify something as Isaac was ADAMANT to my folks that "his daddy told him it was okay to pee on spiders on the driveway". Of course, that was AFTER he had already accomplished that task.

*Headed out to a plot tour the hubby was participating in this evening with baby Luke. We parked a little ways down the road and were walking to where the group was in a corn field. There were trucks parked up and down the road. And, about 15 ft in front of me, what should saunter out from between two trucks and stop at the edge of the blacktop??? A bobcat. A dadgum BOBCAT. He turned my direction, spotted us and high-tailed it out of there. It's possible I wet myself just a little. I was attempting to remain ever the professional's wife out there amongst those people but I really wanted to scream my head off.

I shall leave you now with those incredibly exciting tidbits from my Thursday.


Walleta said...

Well, you never have a dull moment with or with out the boys. Playgroup starts next Wednesday. Walleta

Tiffany said...

Nice! Hope you enjoyed your days with only 1 child :) Sounds like you've had an interesting few days!

Ann said...

Wow, that is interesting!! Aren't grandparents the best!! Enjoy your "quite" time!!!:-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Diane! You are a true friend! :) - K

Clinton said...

Chuckling! Of course you pee on spiders in the driveway... just like you disembowel lightning bugs and paint the glow-in-the-dark on your face, pick up goose poo and pretend it's a whistle and eat whatever you can finger out of your belly button... come on mom! You'll have great stories to tell their first girlfriends (oh yeah, you forgot about those).

beth foster said...

omg!! I love peeing on spiders in the driveway!! that is great. and I can't believe you saw a bobcat - how cool!!